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Ruane Manning Framed Art

Ruane Manning Art

Ruane Manning (Born 1939) is a renowned painter and sculptor who’s well known for his outstanding skills in using light, shadows, and minute details to create spectacular masterpieces. He expresses his deep love for nature with every stroke of his brush. This is seen in his works that depict images of nature, people, and animals. Manning has won numerous awards for his painting and sculptures from the Philadelphia Art Alliance. Despite being a celebrated artist globally, not much is documented of his private life. Between 1979 and 1984, he lived in California. While there, Mr. Manning did a lot of traveling throughout the western side of the country. After all the traveling he decided to settle in New Jersey, where he still lives with his family and his animal friends. His original masterpieces created for prestigious companies such as the Hamilton Collection, Franklin Mint, and the Danbury Mint, have earned him international acclaim over the course of his career. Other than his paintings, his sculptures can be found amongst the collections of former U.S Presidents Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford. The public fell so much in love with Manning's painting that today they can be seen on puzzles, calendars, and plates among others. He was artistic from a young age and continued to study art at the Philadelphia Museum of Art to enhance his knowledge and skills. After graduating from the art school, he spent several years as an advertising artist. Things took a positive turn in 1968 when Manning sold his first print that saw his artistic career skyrocket. He continues to paint beautiful images of nature such as pictures of quaint shops, animals, plants, and sidewalks



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