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Sanford & Escobar Trading Company

My first name is Abra, but I go by Paul.  I grew up in rural East Texas.  I graduated from Whitehouse High and Tyler Junior College.  Married with two adult children.  We completed close to 22 years in the Navy.  I say we I mean my wife and I.   She was never active duty but she had to take care of home when I was deployed.  Retired (transitioned) from the Navy in 2004.  
We are starting with safety products because unfortunately the world as not as kind as we would like it to be.  Our daughter is a young adult and I am concerned about her safety constantly. I cannot be with her 27/7 but I can teach her and equip her so she can protect herself. We offer safety, security, protection and surveillance products for the individual, dorm room, car,  home and business.
We  are located near Austin, Texas.  My last duty station was at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton near San Diego.  I wanted to move back to Tyler where I have a brother and sister, my wife has three sisters and a brother in Austin. 
We are a new business.   I know we should say  that we have been in business for many years, I do not like people to lie to me so I am not going to lie to you. In this election year, I do not want to add to the lie supply.
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